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Social Documentary Photography Grant

Ellie Ramsden, our 2021 TPF Grant winner

The Photography Foundation Grant

Social Documentary Photography Grant 2024 - Opening May 2024

Founded in 2021, the Photography Foundation Grant is delivered in partnership with The Photography Foundation and LIMI London charity providing £2,500 towards the production of a social documentary photo essay.

The Photography Foundation Grant is for a maximum 12 month period and can be used towards any combination of travel, equipment or living expenses while completing the project.

The Photography Foundation Grant winners have their final project printed and exhibited (in partnership with Rapid Eye and the Photo Book Cafe), have their work showcased on the grant partners websites & social media channels and we will be working with strategic partners to publish the completed photographic essay. Additionally, the grant winners are allocated a TPF TALKS evening to give a presentation about their completed project.

We welcome applications tackling a range of social issues and your application should detail clearly the social issue that is being documented and how your project intersects with it. The TPF Photography Grant is a UK-based grant and as such must have a UK focus. The grant is open to any photographer (professional or amateur) from any age range and background.

Applications for the 2024 Grant will open in May 2024. Please sign up to the mailing list below to keep up to date with the Grant.

Previous TPF Photography Grant Winners

Our 2021 Grant Winner

Ellie Ramsden

Ellie Ramsden is a photographic artist based in London. Much of Ellie's work aims to question stereotypes, stimulate discussion and give new perspectives. In her personal projects, she is interested in exploring aspects of British culture through various communities, especially those which are rarely documented, or who choose to live outside of the conventional constructs of society.

Ellie's Website
Our 2022 Grant Winner

Enno Knuth

Enno Knuth is a London based Photographer, living and working in North-West London. He’s mainly shooting film as he fell in love with the slower process of medium format photography. His works are often centred around youth - and music culture.

Enno's Website