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The Photography Foundation

The alleviation of poverty through photography education and the promotion of the art of photography

" This is a place where young people can find inspiration, technical knowledge and an understanding of the creative industry in a space that offers them the freedom to experiment and find their creative voice "

- Jess Bonham, Photographer

Trainee Case Study

Sophie Parnell

6 months down the line and I can honestly say that I have actually achieved something in my life. Thank you to The Photography Foundation for supporting me on my worst days, pushing me to my limits and never doubting me even when I doubted myself – which I do a lot.

This programme has allowed me to actually understand who I am as a person as well as being able to achieve things I never thought I could. I am so grateful that I have been able to be a part of this opportunity as I am now able to do what I love best with the help of you all.

Completing the course in November 2021 has opened up so many opportunities and I am now half way through an intense creative advertising course with The BBC and have even got some job interviews coming up for apprenticeships with the BBC.

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TPF in Review

2020 was The Photography Foundation’s first year, and what a year it was! In between navigating the many obstacles created by COVID-19, we managed to deliver our inaugural training programme and our first five trainees graduated in December. Since then we’ve grown far quicker than we expected with our third cohort of trainees graduating and our reach into the industry as a whole expanding all the time…



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