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Our Mission at TPF

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The alleviation of poverty through education and the promotion of the art of photography.

We create pathways to professional photography careers for less advantaged young adults in London through education and work experience, valuing talent and motivation over who you know or where you come from. We use photography as a conduit for social change, community connections and positive social interactions. We promote the art of photography, bringing photography to a new, wider and more diverse audience.

Photography for Social Change

For many, a lack of financial resources, opportunities or industry connections mean that a career in photography is out of reach. We believe that talent and motivation should be more important than who you know or where you come from. 

We use photography as a skill for life — an educational and developmental tool that’s also a positive way to build confidence and connections. We promote the art of photography, bringing it to a new, wider, and more diverse audience. We do this through our rolling 6-month training programme, TPF Talks & workshops.

Our Core Training Programme

How we achieve our TPF Mission

Core Training Programme

Our programme aims to create a supportive and inspiring environment where the trainees can master the basics of professional photography, develop a portfolio tailored to their career aspirations, and gain as much practical experience as they can. The goal? To support our trainees in every way as they begin to carve out their careers in the creative industries.

Targeted Workshops

We will develop and launch shorter workshops and training programmes, some of which will be targeted towards harder to reach/more vulnerable groups and young people under 18.

TPF Talks

TPF Talks is a platform for photographers to share their journey, some of their work & their tips for emerging creatives.

We use these events to amplify under- represented voices & professionals working in the industry to encourage the next generation of photographers and creatives to be part of the conversation, build their networks, and to offer role models who are within reach.

TPF Photography Grant

We have partnered with Limi London, a grant giving charity, to provide an annual photography grant for a social documentary project lasting up to 12 months. One grant of £2,500 will be awarded each year. The application is open to anyone who wishes to apply.

TPF Photography Competition

In partnership with Storytellers London we will be launching a photography competition. Which will be open to all (amateurs / professionals / young & old). This competition will not only offer an opportunity for people to display their work, it will also raise the profile of the Foundation and help us to reach more potential students and partners.