Introduction to assisting & shadowing in photography

In this workshop, beauty photographer Chantel King will share her expertise, and years of experience as a studio assistant to help you find and keep getting work. In this workshop you will learn the key skills needed to succeed as a studio assistant. You will learn about assisting guidelines and fundamentals, how to work efficiently on set, dos and don'ts when assisting, how to find work as an assistant, and tips on how to kick start your own photography career.

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Introduction to headshots & corporate photography

You will work with Keith Van Loen, who has decades of experience working as an architectural photographer. This workshop is designed to provide a masterclass on everything you would need to know to shoot a corporate portrait. Its hands on, and you will be setting up lighting, discussing white balance and demonstrating ideal poses. This skill set keeps money coming in on a regular basis and leads to other work - an ideal cash cow for every professional photographer.

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TPF TALKS with Brunel Johnson

For this event, we're delighted to be joined by Brunel Johnson. Brunel is a documentary & commercial photographer from North West London. He has worked with clients such as Timberland, Adidas & Runners World.

Brunel will be sharing some of his recents projects and his journey from studying maths at university, to becoming a full-time photographer. He will delve into balancing personal and commercial projects; combing the two to capture both his own and other peoples stories.

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TPF TALKS with Kelly Gellard

For this event, we're delighted to be joined by Kelly Gellard. Kelly is an experienced photographer & retoucher specialising in fashion and lifestyle photography. Kelly will be joining us to share her journey into photography, from interning and assisting, to being multi-agency represented & securing her own clients.

Kelly will be discussing how she navigates agency representation, working with a range of creatives & clients and maintaining those relationships. Kelly has previously worked with clients such as Pretty Little Thing, Channel 4 & Soho House.

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Introduction to Studio Photography

In the first half of the workshop, you will work with filmmaker & photographer, Milo Van-Giap, who will introduce you to some basic kit and lighting techniques. During the second half of the workshop you will put what you have learnt into practice and experiment with a basic portrait set up for a portrait session!

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TPF TALKS with Pierro Pozella

We're delighted to have Pierro Pozella speaking at this event. Pierro is a photographer & the founder of PPP Repairs, an analogue camera repairs service. Pierro started repairing cameras at the age of 15, working on some of the trickiest cameras from Yashica T4's, to Canon AE-1's - Pierro is driven by giving cameras a new lease of life.

During this talk, Pierro will be sharing his journey into setting up his own photography business, as well as sharing technical tips on how to keep film photography alive & ways to check and look after your gear. He will also delve into the best kit to get you started on your analogue journey.

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TPF Class of 2022 Exhibition

We are excited to invite you to TPF's Class of 2022 Final Exhibition. This is a chance to see what our trainees have been working on for the last 6-months and connect with other members of our community.


  • Thursday 7th April 6.30-8.30 - Exhibition opening night
  • Friday 8th April 6.30 - 8.30 - panel talk with our trainees & closing night!

The exhibition will also be free to view from 10-5pm from Wednesday 6th April until Friday 8th April.

Please register for a free ticket to one or more of these dates. Donations are also welcomed to help us continue the work we do.

TPF TALKS with Alfie White

For this event, we are delighted to be joined by Alfie White.

Alfie is a photographer born, raised, and based in South London. Alfie's work explores the nuances and intricacies of the human condition and of everyday life.

Alfie predominantly works on 35mm Black & White film which he develops, prints, and scans from his bedroom/makeshift-darkroom. With three years in the industry, Alfie has forged his own path and artistic voice, often documenting events for the likes of Bottega Veneta, Dazed and Vogue.

Join us in the studio to hear Alfie's journey of navigating the industry as an emerging & neuro-divergent creative, the illusions of social media and the importance of having an identity outside of work.

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TPF TALKS with Zula Rabikowska

In celebration of International Women's Day, we are delighted to have Zula Rabikowska speaking at this event. Zula is a Polish-British photographer & videographer based between London and Kraków. Her work explores themes of displacement, belonging and gender identity.

At this event, Zula will be sharing her tips on writing funding applications, working as a freelance photographer & balancing personal projects with commercial work. 

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TPF TALKS with Tee Max

For Februarys event, we are delighted to be joined by Tee Max . Broadcaster, cultural spokesperson and journalist, Tee Max started taking pictures through his love of Hip Hop in the 90’s. Documenting many of Black music’s most celebrated and influential figures (Prince, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Outkast, Destiny’s Child and Wu-Tang Clan), as well as some of the decades most important cultural moments and events. Shooting concerts and taking portraits, his work was featured in influential underground music publications & mainstream broadsheet titles.

After ten years looking through the lens, Tee put down the camera to step in front of the it! He co-hosted TV and radio shows, provided cultural guidance on factual TV programmes for the BBC & went into music management, before stepping away from media completely in 2004. Join us to find out what he's up to now, and to hear Tee's advice of navigating the industry, and finding your own voice within it.

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