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Why are we here?

Our mission is simple: to create pathways to professional photography for less advantaged and under-represented young adults in London, empowering them to launch a career in the creative industries.

For many young adults, a lack of financial resources, opportunities or industry connections mean that a career in photography is out of reach. We believe that talent and motivation should be more important than who you know or where you come from, and it's our mission to make this a reality.

Step 1

Trainee Programme

Our work at The Photography Foundation centres around our trainee programme, where a few times a year we open our doors and invite all eligible young adults in London to apply for a training placement spot. During the three-month placement we aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment where the trainees can learn the basics of professional photography, develop their own portfolio and techniques, and gain as much practical experience as they can squeeze into a three-month period. Living up to our name, we want to offer all trainees the chance to build a solid foundation of professional photography skills and practice, setting them up to go off into the wider world and turn their dream careers into reality.

Step 2

Education & Training

Trainees will take part in a 12-week technical training programme delivered by experienced tutors, starting with the basics such as aperture and depth of field, through to different photography styles such as portraiture and street photography, rounding off with a crash course in Photoshop and Lightroom. We want to set our trainees up for success and this means giving them the tools to not only take amazing photos but also to become all-round successful business people so we'll be getting them thinking about marketing and finances, too. Industry professionals will be brought in along the way to provide a true insight into the photography industry, providing a healthy dose of guidance and inspiration.

"The Photography Foundation is an innovative and contemporary gateway to the creative industry for less privileged, under-represented, inner-city youth"

- Luke Hodson, Founder of Nerds Collective

Step 3

Work Experience

Work experience is an essential part of any photographer's training and yet it's often one of the hardest things to secure, but thanks to our on-site photography studio we can remove this obstacle entirely. All trainees will have the opportunity to assist our senior photographers on shoots at TPF Studio, and as their training progresses so will their level of responsibility. When the studio is free, our trainees will be encouraged to turn it into their own creative playground and put all of that learning to the test. We know that the studio environment isn't for everyone, so we also offer off-site work experience to give our trainees a taste for location shoots and event photography, too.

Step 4

Graduation & Beyond

Like all crafts, photography is a continuous learning process and we want to be part of that journey long after the placement is over. At the end of the three months, our trainees will enter their Graduation Month, which is an opportunity to develop a final project - what that looks like is entirely up to them. With no formal structure, the trainees will have a chance to ride without the training wheels, knowing we're still there to support them every step of the way. At the end of this month, our trainees will graduate and become Foundation Members for as long as they like, entering our pool of freelance photographers with access to paid freelance work, as well as continued use of our equipment and desk space.

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